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The Rasmus - Black Roses Review

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The Rasmus is a comparatively unknown band internationally. The Finnish band started out as a rapcore band way back in the mid-nineties. They trudged through their first albums uneventfully until they hit gold with their international hit "In the shadows" from "Dead Letters" . They went from rapcore and funk rock to punk rock to pop rock and with "Death Letters" they completed their transformation to alternative rock band. They are now marketing themselves as "Death Pop". I know.. What the hell is Death Pop eh?.. We all know Death genre and Pop genre as two completely opposite poles. I think what they mean is that their lyrics are dark and ominous and their sound is bordering pop - thus Death pop. Personally I like them better than the other thing close to Death Pop- Love Metal coined by H.I.M

Their follow up album "Hide from the Sun" is by far their best album in my books. That is all things I have come to know as Rasmus in one CD. Their catchy hooks in a Gothic backdrop captivated my listening right from "Death Letters". They continue to mesmerize me in "Hide from the Sun" and with "Black Roses" they still got a pretty strong hold on me.

With "Black Roses" Rasmus played a big gamble treading a fine line between sugary pop and Rock. Either they will extend their fan base to a whole new area or they will irritate their existing fan base. If their existing fan base is anything like me then the gamble surely paid off.

Livin'' in a World Without You is a great opener exemplifying their gample and letting the listeners know what to expect.
"Its hard to believe that it came to this
You paralysed my body with a poison kiss
For 40 days and nights I was chained to your bed
You thought that was the end of the story
Something inside me called freedom came alive
Living in a world without you"
Lauri Ylonen opens with his unique voice that makes us believe the emotion with which he sings. Just as he sings "...freedom comes alive" the songs come to life and soars high Rasmus style. With "Ten Black Roses" we get a glimpse of the old Rasmus with their heavy guitar riffs and lofty chorus. The use of cello and piano is just breathtaking. As the album moves from hits to hits we see "Ghost of Love" and " Justify" which are sure to be hits soon.

By the first 4 tracks they would have captured us with their unique vocals and Gothic rock. "Your Forgiveness" is another great track whose highlight is the guitar solo by Pauli Rentasalmi. With "Run to You" we take a gander at their previous album "Hide from the Sun". This track also has a short solo by the guitarist. It seems Rasmus has used Pauli well on this record.

"You got it wrong" is a mixed bag of catchy hooks and stale music. May be they were trying too hard. but till enjoyable. "Lost and Lonely" is another great track which i love solely cause of its chorus. With the last four tracks Rasmus lets us know that the old Rasmus is still there. There are songs which may very well have occurred on any of their previous albums. The album closes with a melancholic "Live Forever" which provides a great closing song.

My Verdict- "Old fans have a lot to like in this new album. A typically Rasmus album which haunts and charms us at the same time. A Rasmus album bordering "Dead Letters" and their self proclaimed Death Pop. A great listen for anyone who love Gothic rock or Pop Rock."

My Rating - 4/5

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