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Save the earth no matter what Micheal Crichton says

What is happening to our planet?. Global warming, Pollution, Deforestation, plastic wastes and what nots. We are destroying our planet. We need to do something and that too right now. Its not enough you have a few people with the awareness of whats happening in our planet. We need to spread the awareness.

Recently I read a book by Micheal Crichton,State of Fear. It seemed like he was trying to present Global Warming as a non existent threat, in his own scientific fiction style with references to other journals. I don't know what he was thinking when he wrote the novel. Was it only to create a controversy or did he really believe in all that? Anyways that book was full of crap. No matter what the book says global warming is a very real threat.and we need to spread the awareness to save our planet. I've done my part by the only way i know. I designed some T-shirts that support the Green Earth.

If somebody buys them, i would have done my little part in spreading the Awareness. Let us unite and Save our planet.
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