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Shrek The Halls - Movie Review

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As a major fan of the Shrek series, I had to get a look at the Christmas TV special by Shrek- Shrek The Halls. Those who don't know who Shrek is, stop reading now.

Anyways, the whole fun cast of Shrek is back for a half-hour TV special with all the voice actors reprising their much loved roles. The whole plot is about Shrek learning the real meaning of Christmas. After Donkey's persistent bugging and Princess' inclination to celebrating Christmas Shrek decides to have the perfect christmas but he has no clue how to do it. He buys a book on how to do christmas perfectly and everything is going well, until donkey and gang decide to intrude . The Shrek house becomes Christmas Central on Christmas Eve with Donkey, Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas) and the rest of the cast of characters, including the German Three Little Pigs and the Gingerbread Man, showing up uninvited to dance, sing and wreck the joint.

Even though the target audience is mainly children, there area a lot of things adults can enjoy making this a perfect family entertainer. The highlight of the whole ordeal is the part when everybody explains their own version of Christmas. The best one was by Puss, who explains Santa as a "suave latin cat" who engraves "S" on walls. Puss, as always, is simply adorable and funny. He is my favorite of the cast of Shrek. The makers also made it a point to refrain from becoming the whole thing too warm and gooey. They do this efficiently by Gingerbread Man's narrative of a christmas when his Gingerbread Woman was eaten by Santa. I loved that perspective of Christmas.

My Verdict - Shrek the Halls is simple, fun if not exactly memorable. The CGI work is top notch. It provides some really enjoyable moments with Shrek, Donkey(annoying as ever) and Puss making it impossible for the audience to not like the venture. With elements which propagate the message of Christmas, the TV special will be definitely be a hit among children, and adults making it a perfect family entertainer. I think Puss steals his show with his adorable cute and stylish "Cat Santa". Look out for Puss in Boots.

Do you have a kid at home who loves Shrek?. Are you wondering what to watch on Christmas eve with your family?. Think no further. Shrek the Halls is the answer.
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