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New Singles : Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Novel, Bobby Valentino, and Kat Deluna

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Lil Jon ft The Game and Ice Cube - Killas
I hope everyone remember Lil Jon, the guy who promised a Crunk Rock album years ago. Guess what, Crunk Rock" is not dead, apparently. A new track, supposedly off the album, released on YouTube. Can't say its a great track, but glad to know that Lil Jon still got it.
Edit:- On second thought, or after many more hearings, the song rocks.. They sound so angry..

Lil Wayne - Prom Queen
Since Kanye West started singing(which was good) Lil Wayne gotta do something to change it up a bit and he turned to Rock. Reports are that his upcoming album Rebirth is going to be a rock album and Prom Queen is the first single off it which must be available on MySpace by now. Youtube has a live version that I'm embedding here. The others have some guy shouting something all throughout ruining the song. The song is below average,if you ask me. Leave the rock to those who know to Rock and stick with Hip Hop Lil Wayne. Unless there is something more good than this one on the album I'm gonna pass.
Edit: The song grew on me and now I love the song and am kinda looking forward to his new album.

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em ft Sammie - Kiss me through the phone
Soulja Boy is back after his phenomenal hit "Crank That" (although I don't think it deserved that much success) with "Kiss me through the phone" which is just as addictive as Crank That. Personally I like it even better than Crank That.

Novel - Mad World
We have all been shaken up by the disturbing events on New Year's Eve which resulted in the death of an innocent civilian Oscar Grant. Novel released a beautiful song as a dedication to Oscar Grant. R.I.P Oscar Grant. Its a great song and a must listen.

Bobby Valentino, Ludacris, Lil' Kim, Lil' Wayne, Yung Joc, Fabolous - Beep Beep (Official Remix)
Thats a long list of great artists right?. An official remix of the popular song Beep Beep released featuring a lot of big names. I wasn't so sure about the original version but this one is so good. Ludacris made the track for me.

Kat Deluna ft Lil Wayne - Unstoppable
I didn't know who Kat Deluna was until I stumbled across this beautiful track featuring Lil Wayne. The song is the first single off her sophomore album "Inside Out".

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