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New Songs : Asher Roth, Flo Rida, Kevin Rudolf, Nicole Scherzinger, Gorilla Zoe,Mims, Jadyn Maria and Square Off

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Asher Roth - Lark on my Go Kart
After the much enjoyable(and for me a song that I can totally relate) "I Love College" Asher Roth is back with Lark on my Go Kart. This track is not as enjoyable as I Love College, but still after a couple of listenings I come to like the song.

Flo Rida - Yayo ft Brisco, Billy Blue, Ball Greezy, Rick Ross, Redd Eyezz, Bred, Pitbull, & Ace Hood
Flo Rida's songs from upcoming R.O.O.T,S has been leaking like crazy.If it goes on like this there wont be a new song in his album releasing on March 31st. From the tracks that leaked this one is going to big. Here is a bonus track from R.O.O.Ts featuring a long list of artists.

Kevin Rudolf - Welcome to the World ft Kid Cudi
Kevin Rudolf's debut album is simply great. Almost all the songs off it are amazing and especially "Welcome to the World". The cream on the cake is this song is remixed featuring Kid Cudi and its more awesome that before.

Square Off ft Krayzie Bone - We Ridin (Remix)

Square Off is a totally unknown group for me. I decided to listen to this track on a random basis and wasn't disappointed at all. This song has got enough material to keep on listening for weeks.

Gorilla Zoe - Helluvalife ft Gucci Man and OJ Da Juiceman
I hadn't heard of any songs from Gorilla Zoe even though i had heard the name flying around here and there. Finally I listened to Lost ft Lil Wayne and absolutely loved it. That introduction made me look out for stuff from him.

I cudn't find this song on YouTube. So here is a Download link(Mediafire)

Nicole Scherzinger - Punchin' (Produced by Polow Da Don)
Nicle Scherzinger is trying to come solo from Pussycat Dolls I guess and it makes sense too because she is the only one who does anything other than wear skimpy clothes and dance in the background. This track is produced by Polow Da Don who is turning out to be quite the producer nowadays. Great work on this track as well.

Jadyn Maria - Villain ft Flo Rida
Jadyn Maria is a new name for me too, but with the name Flo Rida I had to listen to this track. This is a pretty good track following the latest trend of dance inspired R&B with funky club sounds and of course Flo Rida.

Mims- Let Me Do My Thang ft Shawty Lo
After "This is Why I'm Hot" Mims haven't been able to come up with a decent song for a while. Today that just changed with Let Me Do Mu Thang. From the songs that supposedly leaked off his new album this is is my favorite.

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