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Quantum of Solace..good but not better than Casino Royale-A Review

Category: , , By Manu
A couple of days ago I went to see "Quantum of Solace". I was not actually a Bond fan. I just used to sit back and enjoy Bond movies in a detached way. But Casino Royale and Daniel Craig changed that for me. I was taken aback by the raw Bond presented in Casino Royale and its riveting story line. Daniel Craig redefined the Bond genre by introducing to us Bond who does not necessarily rely on Gadgets.

With Quantum of Solace the Bond we met in Casino Royale is back with a bang. He infuses more raw power into the hand to hand combat scenes than his previous outing. In Quantum of Solace Bond is intent on getting revenge for the death of the only girl he ever loved-Vesper Lynd. Daniel Craig is probably the best actor who can portray rage. I cant imagine this new Bond played by Pierce Brosnan(who was a much more stylish Bond).
The body count in this killing spree of a movie is quite outstanding. The Narrative of the movie is not as strong as Casino royale but the movie keeps our attention with stunts after stunts. This Bond movie has a lot similar to the successful Bourne Series(which is one of my favorite Spy Movies). Its not surprising considering the common people who worked with Bourne Ultimatum and Quantum Of Solace.The Bond Girls Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurylenko are quite sexy and exotic.
Overall the movie is quite good, not quite as good as Casino Royale, but still. I'll give it a 3.5/5 for the smooth professional Bond, no gadgets,just raw power, adrenaline, bam bam bam job done.
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  1. jiji November 13, 2008 at 8:19 PM
    professional writing poleyunde...[:)]
    freelance vallom nokunnundo....
  2. Manu November 13, 2008 at 10:08 PM
    :d thanks.. Ithoru thozhilakkiyalo?.. Dont think CTS will call anytime soon

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