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Lupe Fiasco- The Cool Review (Track by Track)

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For all those who love Hip Hop here is a treat of your life. Till recently i was not aware how great the artist called Lupe Fiasco is. I had heard of him earlier but really haven't taken time to really listen to him. A few weeks before i came across his new album "The Cool" .

He made me his fan with just one track- "Superstar"(In fact i had heard this song first before hearing the rest of the album). But what surprised me was not only "Superstar was good" almost every song in the album is simply great. Unlike most of the rappers out there who raps about girls, money and bling he raps about real issues. I assure you anyone who loves Hip Hop wont be disappointed by buying this CD. Here is a Track by Track Recap:

1.Baba Says Cool For Thought - This is a spoken intro and talks about whats wrong with the world.
2. Free Chilly (ft. Sarah Green and Gemstones) - Still no Lupe but this is a short catchy track,more of an interlude, a build up to the next track.
3. Go Go Gadget Flow - In this Lupe comes out to the front and start rapping and up the tempo of the CD. He just raps about himself in this track, a sure hit with die hard fans because of the lyrics, and a hit with others because of the sheer TEmpo and flow with which Lupe raps.

Till now we will get the impression that this is an average CD, but only to be shattered by a barrage of great tracks that come after this.

4. The Coolest - This track is the extension of a story from his previous CD "Food and Liquor"(see here for complete explanation) . But this track is enjoyable even without knowing the story. The haunted house piano, Tim Burton violin crawls and slightly scary choirs make this track up in my list of best Hip Hop songs.
5. Superstar (ft. Matthew Santos) - If you follow Hip Hop you must have heard this song, the first single released off of his Album. It takes you hostage right from the first lines when relatively new guy Mathew Santos starts with "If you are what you say you are..." Even those who don't like Hip Hop will like this track cause of the melody in it.
6. Paris, Tokyo - This is one of the tracks i think is slightly out of place. When i hear this it reminds me of earlier days of Hip Hop. But apparently many love this track so you may too.:)
7. Hi-Definition (ft. Snoop Dogg and Pooh Bear) - An average track saved by incredible verses from Snoop Dogg and Lupe. As usual Snoop delivers. This can be considered as a break from all the great songs with an OK song.He talks about the place where he grew up and how bad the social situation was.
8. Gold Watch - Another average Track saved considerably by the instruments. Its definitely Hearable. The topic is slightly controversial - effects of fame

The CD which has lost some of its momentum strongly hits back with Hip hop saved my life

9. Hip-Hop Saved My Life (ft. Nikki Jean) - This is the story of Michael Young History, a rapper from Houston, Texas.With the vocals from Nikki Jean and breathtaking piano background scores a homerun with this track and gets the CD back on track.
10. Intruder Alert (ft. Sarah Green)- Things get smoking hot now. The CD picks up points with this ominous track dealing with the Social Outcasts and the serious issues faced by them. The vocals are so great that i hear Sarah Green is already offered a solo album.
11. Streets On Fire - Another mind blowing track which starts with a slow and moving instrumental and before it climaxes Lupe starts to rap and take you away to a totally different world. You have to listen to this to get what I'm talking about. He raps about AIDS in such moving and poetic verses. I cant recommend enough for this track.
12. Little Weapon(ft. Nikki Jean) - This is Lupe's song about kids with guns. Starts of with a slo-mo voice over, and gothic chants and just when you are about to change the track Lupe breaks through with and incredible beat and a catchy hook. It talks about kids with AK-47 in the Middle East and the kids with guns in the streets of America.I'd say this is one of the best tracks in the CD.
13. Gotta Eat - A song from the perspective of a cheeseburger. Again, intriguingly fresh, this song works due to its creativity.Great Track not subtracting from the feel you have from hearing 4 great tracks in a row.
14. Dumb It Down - This track shows the lyrical abilities of Lupe. The metaphors used in this is crazy. A quite hearable track.
15. Hello/Goodbye (Uncool) (ft. UNKLE) - A rock-rap song thats a bit on the gloomy side. Got a Rage of the Machines beat going on the background. I love this track. UNKLE who produced this track did well with the instrumentals.
16. The Die - With this track Lupe shows he can rap fast. In the style of Twista he pulls off this track with a pretty good score. The track ends with a gunshot and i hear thats a new for Lupe.
17. Put You On Game - Macabre piano tune runs in the background when Lupe raps in the 90's style and provide a darker track.It talks about the horibble nature of Humanity. Definitely likeable.
18.Fighters (ft. Matthew Santos) - Mathew Santos who we saw last on "Superstar" comes back with another great vocal and slows up the track to signify that the end is near. This second last track slows down the tempo considerably with slow rapping and vocals.
19. Go Baby - When Lupe finishes this track we are left with sheer amazement and awe of the incredible CD Lupe has just released.

With the exception of Hi-Definition and Gold Watch Lupe brings out a collection of breathtaking tracks which talk about issues that are important rather than money girls and sex.
4.5/5 for this album.

You can get this breath taking album from Amazon here
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  1. mellowsawng September 14, 2009 at 10:26 AM
    Ahhh, the beauty of Lupe. AIDS is just a metaphor, the song is actually about how the "streets" is like a deadly disease. Listen to it again with this thinking and you'll see it. "No pill can heal the ill of this..."

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