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How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - Review

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Simon Pegg in his latest outing-"How to Lose Friends and Alienate People"- hits the mark again. I don't know how many of you have seen "Shaun of the Dead" or "Hot Fuzz", both outrageously funny. Shaun of the Dead is a spoof of the famous George A. Romero's Zombie movies. Those of you who dont know what a Zombie is stop reading now and skip to the next paragraph :D. Simon Pegg's first introduction to me was Shaun of the Dead. I loved that movie and been looking forward to his next film since then. Then came "Hot Fuzz"- a story of a top London Cop transferred to Country side because of professional jealousy and teamed up with a witless new partner. Hot Fuzz was kind of a serious comedy, not a spoof-different, not as funny as Shaun of the Dead, but still very likeable. So i was in high hopes when i heard about his new movie "How to Lose People and Alienate People".

Based on the memoir of the journalist Toby Young, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People is the hilarious account of the fall and rise of Sidney Young (Simon Pegg), a hapless English hack on the make in New York’s media jungle. Sidney Young is a disillusioned intellectual who both adores and despises the world of celebrity, fame and glamour. His alternative magazine, Post Modern Review, pokes fun at the media obsessed stars and bucks trends, and so when Young is offered a job at the diametrically opposed conservative New York based Sharps magazine all hell breaks loose. Sidney Young was a nobody in Britain. He is in love with the magical place where celebrities live. As he puts it: “When I was a kid, I used to think there was a special place where all the movie stars lived, a kind of Shangri-la. And if you could just get inside there, you’d be happy for ever.” In one of his numerous attempts to get close to that "magical world" he tries to get into BAFTA awards with a pig, who as he says is Babe. Eventually he ends up inan after award party hosted by Sharps Magazine and he ruins the party. Sharps editor Clayton Harding notices him and offers him a job in Sharps Magazine and he finally gets to that "Shangri-La". The adventures and romantic excursions and revelations of Sidney Young is portrayed all through the film.

If you haven't read the book then you'll love this movie. It is quite a deviation from the book. So die-hard fans of the books may find it hard to digest. Simon Pegg's sense of humour can be seen throughout the film. Unlike what the trailers project this movie is not a comedy with no narrative or storyline. As the story goes on you get engrossed in the narrative and the rise and fall of Sidney Young. The story line gets a little fuzzy towards the end but still it is a very enjoyable movie.This is an intelligent, deftly scripted, well directed and acted film which tickles your funny bones. If this is not enough reason for you, see it just to see Megan Fox(if you know what i mean):D.
The movie, unlike what the title says, is not about loosing friends and alienating people. It is about loosing principles and getting alienated from your better self and the problems they may cause.

My Rating : 3.5/5
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