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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer

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Before you start, i am about three months late in knowing this, but still its Harry Potter. I'm a big fan of both the book and movie franchise. Since the book got over been trying to fill its void, but to no use. I just came across this trailer and couldn't resist a post.

Half-Blood Prince in one of my favorites in the book series( Goblet of fire and Deathly Hallows being the other two). I think it would be great a great movie. Its a lot, lot darker than the previous books, and there is scope for some spectacular visual effects in the story too(as you can see in the Trailer). The video states that HBP will be released on 21st November 2008 but the date has been pushed back to 17th July 2009. Be at a theatre then. I know I'll be.
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