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Some Urban Vector T-shirt Designs

Time for a bit of self promotion :D. Here is a couple of designs i made for T-shirts. Today's theme is Urban designs. Hip and cool new age designs made in the Vector Art style which is the rave these days. As usual you can buy these T-shirts from my online stores.

Urban Explosion - An explosion of all things urban. There is stars, random shapes, grunge, and all those things. The combination of vibrant Colors and black background catches your attention in a flash.
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This is only uploaded at Myntra, an Indian site. Please leave a comment if you want it uploaded to Zazzle :).

Urban Music - An abstract representation of the influence of Music on Urban Life. The rainbow colors and the abstract background call out to all those music lovers.The girl on the foreground adds to the feeling.
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Buy me at Pringoo(Indian)

I'm a Hustler- :D Been listening to Hip Hop a lot these days. May be that is my inspiration for this design. The stars return with abstract background. The main character's a rapper. The whole composition is complemented with som text with Bling effect (You know diamonds :D)
Buy me at Zazzle
Buy me at Pringoo (Indian)
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