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Justin Timberlake, Kylie Minogue & Coldplay singing for a cause

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Its always great to see big artists giving a helping hand to smaller ones. Its even better to see big artists bring out a new song for charity or to spread a cause. Justin Timberlake released a brand new single featuring Esmée Denters called "Follow my Lead" and it is part of a fundraising campaign for the Shriners Hospitals for Children. The Dutch-ess Esmée was an apparently unrecognized artist that used to sing covers of famous artists on Youtube. She sounds a little like Beyonce and takes charge in the song after the initial rapping by J.T by delivering a thumping chorus
"Follow my lead
We’ll go where no one knows
Everyone leaves
We are still standing strong (standing strong)
Listen to me life is a song I’ll be the melody you’ll be my drum

Follow my lead we’ll go where no one knows"

Listen to it and buy if you like it from Amazon and support the Shriners Hospitals for Children .

Australian Pop Star Kylie Minogue did a collaboration with UK based supergroup Coldplay for a new online magazine which supports HIV/AIDS project in Africa. They have released a track "Lhuna" for (RED)WIRE, a new musical venture by U2's Bono.

Its eerie, and dark putting both the artists far out of their comfort zones. But still the track got a peculiar feel hat tugs at our heart and lingers a while. (RED)WIRE delivers exclusive music from the world's greatest artists every week and gets people living with HIV in Africa the medicine they need to stay alive.Along with Kylie Minogue and Coldplay, U2(youtube), JayZ,Sheryl Crow, Death Cab for Cutie, Dixie Chicks, John Legend and a lot more artists have extendedt their helping hand to the venture. See here for more details

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