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Eagle Eye-Review

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Eagle Eye is a "summer action blockbuster" accidentally misplaced among the October lot of movies. D.J Caruso's newest flick borrows heavily from other superior films but still hold our attention with fast moving car chases and non-stop action.

Two strangers (LaBeouf and Monaghan) become the pawns of a mysterious woman they have never met, but who seems to know their every move. Realizing they are being used to further her plot for a political assassination, they must work together to outwit the woman before she has them killed. This is basically the plot. But we all know a plot is of no significance in such a movie.

The movie is in no way original, and sometimes its even cheezy and preposterous. But if you keep your logic aside and watch the movie as a mindless action flick you won't be disappointed. Joshua Rothkopf sums it up very nicely in "Time Out" -
"After being falsely accused of high crimes (North by Northwest), our heroes find the whole of modern technology turned against them (Enemy of the State) except for one helpful voice on a cell phone (The Matrix), while a twangy federal agent chases them through government buildings (The Fugitive) and an ominous, red-orbed computer (2001:A Space Odeyssey) makes evil plans to take out the President (The Manchurian Candidate). To call Eagle Eye derivative is an understatement."
D.J Caruso,the director, returns after "Disturbia", also with Shia LaBouf, which I really liked(may be cause I haven't see Hitchcock's "Rear Window" from which Disturbia borrows heavily"). With Eagle Eye he lets us know that he doesn't want to be a Hitchcock but more of a a "Michael Bay". Shia LaBouf was engaging as usual and with Bob Thornton the cast pulls off a decent job. Some of the action scenes was ruined with choppy editing and fast camera which rendered the sequence of events incomprehensible. But that won't affect you much if you want to see this movie.

My Verdict- If you are looking for a genuine story with gripping plot Eagle Eye is not for you. On the other hand if you just want a mindless action flick you will find Eagle eye very rewarding. The movie took a beating from the critics suffering a meager 27% from Rotten Tomatoes. But common people are different from critics aren't they?. Give the movie a chance if you have the capabilities to turn your brain off and just watch the movie.

My Rating- 2/5
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