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Akon - Freedom & Britney Spears -Circus review

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It seems I've been bombarded with new music releases these days. There was a time when I used to search Google up and down for at least one decent music release to hear some new music. For the past couple of weeks there has been a barrage great albums from many of my favorite artists. Started out with Nickelback's "Dark Horse". Then Kanye West followed with his "808s & Heartbreak". Then came Akon with his "Freedom" and another Britney Spears(whom i used to like in her first album) album "Circus". Barring "Circus" all the albums were very worth listening. Now I am kinda overwhelmed with good music and in an indecision on which one to listen and really happy now.

Akon - Freedom

My Verdict- Although there are some signature "Konvict" songs on "Freedom," Akon says his fans should expect a new style on the new album "Freedom". For those who love his nasal sound this album will provide a great listen. Akon sure does know how to pick producers,as the album is filled with great production. "Right now", "Beautiful", "Troublemaker", "I'm so paid", and "Clap Again" are my favorite tracks i the album. An inclination to Pop and love/ love lost lyrics Akon shows us that underneath all the bling and girls (Hip Hop) he is an odd romantic with an affection to pop. Those of you who like Hip-Hop and Pop(like me) will love this. "Time Out London" said it right- "The album lacks the dynamism of a Kanye, a Rihanna or even a Chris Brown – mostly due to the limitations of Akon’s delivery – but it’s certain to go down well with Akon’s existing acolytes."

My Rating -3/5

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Britney Spears- Circus

My Verdict - Britney may well stage a return with Circus, as it is the word on music circles. I've deviated from mainline pop and stopped enjoying it as i used to when i was much younger(BSB and Britney were my favs back then) but this album has got many things that i come to love. I'm not saying the album is great. There are a lot of things that hardcore pop lovers as well as dance pop lovers will love. The album is way better than the horrible "Blackout"- her last outing. On some tracks we see the old Britney who we loved, and in some tracks we see a Britney who is moving closer to Madonna, music-wise.

The first three tracks-"Womanizer", "Circus", "Out from Under"- was pretty good. After the disconcerting "Kill the Lights" and below average "Shattered Glass" I was thinking she was gonna pull off yet another "Blackout". But soon she salvaged it with "If you Seek Amy"-a Maddonna like dance pop song with great beats- and "Unusual You" a great ballad. Either you stop listening now or skip to the end (Bonus track-Radar)- cause trust me, you don't want to hear the next few tracks.If you stop listening with "Blur" you will have a good opinion about the album. The bonus track "Radar" is pretty good but I have heard it somewhere before. This album feels like a mixed bag of oh-my-god-Britney-is-back and make-you-want-to-kill-yourselves music.
My Rating- 2/5
I am tempted to give it a bit more because of the great tracks in the album. But when i think about those others I refrain.

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