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My Best Friend's Girl - Review

Category: , , By Manu

Before you ask why i watched such a movie, let me just add that I am a sucker for Romantic Comedies-good ones that is. So when I saw My Best Friend's Wedding I naturally thought of checking out the movie. I had no big expectations- just an average RomCom. But not only the movie was below average, it was plain right boring.

Its basically about a guy called Tank, played by Dane Cook, who is a jerk who hires himself out to date women and make their ex-boyfriends look good by comparison. That all changes when he meets Kate Hudson. What follows is an unbearably cliched movie which fall flat on its face. There are bad movies, then there is "My Best Friend's Girl".

The three main characters are pitiful looser, none of whom evokes any inkling of empathy in us. Tank refers to what he is doing in the movie as "Emotional Terrorism". The only emotional terrorism i felt in the movie was done by the actors, director and script writer to us, the audience. When romcoms are concerned I lower my standards considerably because of my affection to that genre, and to think that this movie didn't even meet that is scary. When compared to this the Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever was top class.Two decades ago, director Howard Deutch made Pretty In Pink, but more recently he's made a string of stinking sequels including Grumpier Old Men, The Odd Couple II and The Whole Ten Yards. It is high time he is stopped.

This doesn't even deserve a decent review. I posted this just to warn you guys.

My Verdict - Can sum it all up in just one sentence."Avoid it at any cost". Plead with your girlfriend if she tries to drag you into this one. Beg if you want. But don't give in.

My Rating - 0 /5 .. Is it possible to give this negative??
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