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X-Men Origins : Wolverine Trailer Released... and Hugh Jackman steals the show

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I woke up today and what do I see first thing in the morning??.. That's right. The first look at the trailer of the much awaited movie "X-men Origins: Wolverine" is out. Man oh man am I excited. I can hardly sit straight in a seat now.

Wolverine is the classic bad boy of the X-Men. The hunk of the lot, and my favorite X-Men. All those who have seen even one of the past three X-Men films will have an idea on how great Wolverine is. And when I heard that I get to see the antics of Wolverine alone for a full movie I was damn excited.

Or watch in high quality (highly recommended)

Trailer Explained
The new trailer shows the movie to range from his childhood to manhood including his love interest, his military experience, his family, his roots- in short how he became Wolverine. The trailer shows us his fathers death, his time in World War 2, Vietnam, his love who is killed by Sabertooth, and how he eventually decides to enroll in the special program which changes him to what we now see as Wolverine. It is also interesting to see Silver Fox, who is shown to be Wolverine's love interest and more importantly dead in the earlier part of the trailer, appears once more in the trailer putting a fair degree of intrigue into the fans' minds which is further more aggravated by seeing her second death.

Soon he escapes from the military facility and the chase begins. The central conflict in the movie is shown to be between Wolverine and Victor Creed(Saber Tooth). Another main character in the movie is Gambit, who can charge an object with kinetic energy. A lot of high adrenalin combat scenes are shown which are sure to get us high on action. A glimpse of what might be Baby Storm is also seen in the trailer. The trailer ends with what might me a final stand off between Wolverine and Creed. "Do you even know how to kill me?" asks Creed. "I'm going to cut your head off, see if that works," replies Wolverine. May seems so far away now.

Talking about the movie Hugh Jackman says
"I can guarantee you there are going to be surprises. David Benioff, who wrote the script, is one of the great writers in Hollywood, and he is the biggest comic book fan in the history of the world. There is not an issue of Wolverine or X-Men that he doesn't own. When he first pitched me the idea, he had such a brilliant idea that was his little twist on events. He's written it smartly. He knows what the fans want."
I'm having high hopes for the movie.
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