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I'm going for the International Film Festival Of Kerala, 2008

Category: , By Manu
I'm currently participating in a Film Festival- the International Film Festival of Kerala- one of the most reputed Film Festivals in India with some great packages. They are screening about 40 cinemas a day for seven days with films from ,Iraq, Lebanon, USA, Iran, Russia and a lot of other countries. I am trying hard to watch as many great movies as possible and consequently very little time to blog about it. That is why I have been blogging movie news instead of more time consuming reviews for the past couple of days.

I have already watched a couple of gems (Chevolution, Caramel etc) and am looking forward for a lot more. I promise I'll do a post about the Film Festival and the films in it as soon as the Festival is over. Stay tuned for more.. :) .

I'm off to the morning screening of "Postcards From Leningrad" -a Venezuelan Film. Ciao.
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