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New Terminator Salvation Trailer Looks Awesome

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A brand new trailer for the new Terminator sequel has released a couple of days back.I have never been a fan of Arnold, personally I believe he can't act. But I loved the Terminator 2:Judgment Day nonetheless. So imagine taking away Arnold and putting the ever so talented Christian Bale in the lead role; it can only get better.

The film's plot sees Connor(Bale) heading the human resistance in the war against the machines in 2018, where he and his supporters are outnumbered and outgunned by the machine hordes and facing extinction. In the trailer John Connor and his troops are fighting, and losing, to SkyNet’s machines when amnesiac Marcus (Sam Worthington) comes into their lives. John Connor is shown to be having a face off with Marcus who may or may not be a Terminator.

Some high octane action sequences are shown to exist via the trailer. And considering the franchise and the scope of it, that is no surprise. Christian Bale is shown to have the same intensity as he played Batman in Dark Knight. No matter what he will do he is going to be compared to Dark Knight and he better live upto it. Some other characters that are introduced in the trailer as well.

The star of the trailer is no other than Christian Bale, upon whom the movie relies heavily for its marketing, and fresh off the phenomenal hit Dark Knight he might as well pull it off. The only question that remains is that "Will McG be a worthy successor to James Cameron?" . We shall wait and see. I, for one, will watch the movie solely cause of Christian Bale and the Terminator Franchise cause I've had bad experience with McG before(Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle).

The movie releases on 22 May 2009.

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