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New Rock songs : Linkin Park, Apocalyptica(ft. Three Days Grace), Red and Papa Roach

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Linkin Park - Lockjaw and Qwerty
Linkin Park, the alternative rock heroes are in the studios working on a new concept album which they describes in cryptic snack metaphors to MTV as "In terms of describing what it sounds like ... it sounds like peanut butter and jelly," frontman Chester Bennington said. "It's sounding delicious." Two new tracks are up in YouTube from Linkin Park and they sound pretty good. There is no official confirmation or release of singles as far as I know. These may be most probably demos they made, but it sounds enticing.
Lockjaw- an instrumental track


Apocalyptica feat Three Days Grace's Adam Gontier - I don't care
I was looking for new stuff from Three Days Grace( who is by the way the best Rock band out there) and I found a great track, a new single from Apocalyptica featuring Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace. He has really good voice, it fits the song perfectly. Melody and lyrics are also great, so what else can you ask for? Till the much awaited(I can't stress this enough) new album from Three Days Grace releases, here is a track that features Adam Gontier(lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the Band). Never been a fan of Apocalyptica, but I think I'll check them out after this song(I'm not Jesus). I didn't know Cello can rock..LOL.

Red - Never Be The Same
Red is a name that pops up in my head now and again but still takes a backseat to all those other alternative rockers out there. I personally have listened only to a handful of their songs and love a couple of them. This new track is one of those I love- it got great guitar riffs, great lyrics, melody and voice. This makes me look forward to their new album in 3 years.

Papa roach - Lifeline
Papa Roach released their new single Lifeline, which I think is a lack luster performance from the band that has delivered so many great tracks. I honestly was a little disappointed with the song and hope there are other tracks in the upcoming album that makes up for this. Anyways you guys hear it and form an opinion.

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