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Who is Tokin' Black Guy?? Kanye West's Alter Ego??

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Tokin' Black Guy- a new artist on the block with some pretty good music. Rumors are ripe that this is Kanye West's alter ego. Kanye West has denied this, obviously. Take a look at the track and tell me it doesn't sound like Kanye. And the fact that Kanye's G.O.O.D music is promoting this artist by mailing the songs to the leading music blogs makes everybody's suspicion that much stronger. The guy has a MySpace page- but nothing much to get from there except he is friends with Kanye(*nod nod*). I bet that Kanye’s trying to test the waters to see if people are actually digging his music without the evidence of his arrogance clouding their judgment.

Tokin' Black Guy may or may not be Kanye's latest gamble, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check out the still-mysterious musician and his ultra-danceable, Outkast-sounding tunes.

Tokin' Black Guy - Turn My Music High

Tokin' Black Guy - Body Clock

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