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The Gifted - A New Hip Hop Group who is Simply Amazing.

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Gifted are a two-piece musical experiment formed by vocalist PJo and producer Saum G. They got the curious blend between Hip Hop and Electro that just works. I'm surprised why they didn't get the attention they deserve. Check Out their MySpace page and you can find 5 of their songs and its all awesome.

I can't just pick any tracks cause all of them are really amazing. Thanks to PMA who introduced me to these artists.
This is what PMa had to say about them:
"Their first single “Music” is a curious blend of hip-hop and electro — and at some points you hear some classical strings and piano. Something else that strikes me as interesting is the way PJo sings the song. At the beginning of the track, he’s whispering, but that doesn’t last long — he builds up the song into a pumped-up crescendo. Very nice. Also, the start-stop trend PJo has going is reminiscent of rap, but it still holds that sing-song R&B vibe throughout. They even get their Kanye on and sorta jump on the vocoder for a couple of seconds. Very tastefully done."
"....“Come With Me,” 2nd single off their upcoming debut album, Presence, to share. “Come With Me” blows “Music” out of the water! The production on the track is insane and PJo’s flow is buttery smooth. If “Music” didn’t do it for you, “Come With Me” will definitely convince you that Gifted is one of the most talented up-and-comers around."
PMA offers free download of both "Music" and "Come With Me" over at their site. The rest of the songs can be found at their MySpace Page for listening. Give them your love. They deserve it.
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  2. Amol March 4, 2009 at 8:35 PM
    I came here after so many days,and I am surprised..
    Your blog has improved a lot.. :)

    Good work..
  3. Manu March 4, 2009 at 10:44 PM
    Thanks a lot.. :) .. did shift my focus from Reviews to new releases and more music.. :)

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