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Rock and Hip Hop Collaborations - Part 3 - Hip Hop songs with Rock Vocals

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Continuing with the series, its time for the Hip Hop songs which featured Rock artists for their Vocals. This is a category that has comparatively less number of songs. May be its not the common, or may be I just haven't come across wit yet. Anyways here goes the small list.

1. Bizzy Bone feat. Joel madden of Good Charlotte - I'm the One
Bizzy Bone was an artist I haven't heard till this song. This song absolutely rocks and I was in love with Bizzy Bone until I checked out the rest of his songs :D . But this song is amazing and Joel Madden's vocals give the song another dimension. Somebody tell me how he raps so fast. I don't understand a single thing he is saying but I still love this track :D


2. Young Dre feat. Good Charlotte - Workin'
This is a song off the soundtrack of Madden 09 - the EA Sports game. I guess Young Dre just used samples from Good Charlotte's song My Own Way, but the result is awesome. The song is ripe with melody and flow and Good Charlotte part and Young Dre part is awesome.


3. Fall Out Boy ft Travis,Gym Class Heros,Tyga, Kanye West,Paul Wall,Skin Head Rob,Lupe Fiasco , Lil Wayne- This Ain't a Scene, Its an Arms Race
I know what you are thinking- Whoa thats a long list of featured artists. Exactly my first thought. This stellar list of artists did a great job in bringing out a remix that just works. The original song was great, the remix by Kanye West alone was even better and this just tops it all.


4. Three 6 Mafia ft Good Charlotte - My Own Way
Another song that sampled Good Charlotte, wow. This song also has its backbone in Good Charlotte's sample. I felt Three 6 Mafia just rapped around it and made the song work big time. Even if you don't love Three Six Mafia the song is lovable because of Good Charlotte's verses.


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