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Rock and Hip Hop Collaborations - Part 2 - Hip Hop songs with Rock Riffs

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I hope everybody enjoyed the first part of this series. Now in the second part I am going to list Hip Hop songs which have guitar riffs as the background. There are a lot of Hip Hop songs with Rock riffs and its hard to find them; but well worth the trouble cause these songs are almost every time off the charts.

1. Jay Z- 99 Problems
Almost everybody knows this song but still it isn't fair not to include it in the list. I first heard the song in the collaboration with Linkin Park and got really interested and checked out the original version and loved that too.


2. Trick Daddy ft Lil jon, Twista- Let's Go
The name Lil Jon always promises us something exciting and you are not wrong most of the time. Let's Go is very much "crunk" and the guitar riffs just add to the song.


3. Cypress Hill- Rock Superstar
I've never been a fan of Cypress Hill but I do love an occasional song from them. One of those songs is Rock Superstar. This song got a great rock riff opening the song that you will be interested right from the start. The song is about being a Rockstar, the money, the fame and all those things. There is a song called Rap Superstar too. Basically the same song but with some differences in lyrics. While Rock Superstar was about the Rock Star, Rap Superstar is about the Hip Hop stars.


4. Shop Boyz ft Lil Jon- Party Like a Rock Star
I honestly had'nt heard about the Shop Boyz before this song. Apparently they are a grammy nominated group whose debut album Rockstar Mentality didn't do that well. They are most widely known for their single Party Like a Rockstar.


5. Chamillionaire ft Lil Wayne- Rock Star
If you are a fan of Chamillionaire or you saw the movie Never Back Down, you might have heard this amazing song. Chamillionaire is one of my favorite artists and he totally rocked this track. Talking about Rockstar, R.Kelly has a very good track called Rockstar as well.


6.Billy Cook - Roll With A Rockstar
Finally a track I couldn't find in YouTube. I always wondered when that day will come. This is a pretty decent track with an amazing instrumental. I'm including this track solely cause of its instrumental.You can catch the instrumental at YouTube.


7. P.O.D- The Payback
P.O.D or Payable On Death is basically a Rock band but with some strong Hip hop roots. They always tend to play on the edge of both the genres and is one of my "looked out for" artist. The Payback is from XXX 2 soundtrack( which as I said in the last part is awesome).


8. Hush - Fired Up and Rise Again
I have heard only a couple of songs from Hush, but they all rocked. Fired Up is featured on Need For Speed: Most Wanted(the clean version). This song got such flow that I fell in love with it at first sight. Rise again is a comparatively new track, most probably from his new album. That also got a beautiful blend between Rock and Hip Hop.
Fired Up

Rise again

Download "Fired Up"

Download "Rise Again"

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