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X Men Origins: Wolverine Workprint Leaked: Pirates Gone "Overboard"??

Category: , By Manu
Just the other day I was browsing and something startling came across my eyes. X Men Origins: Wolverine, which is supposed to release on May 1st, was available for download(of course an incomplete workprint with green screens and ropes still visible). This got my eyes popping out of its sockets, and at the same time my skin crawling at the sheer extent to which pirates are willing to go.

I am a guy who doesn't hate or write off piracy as a completely evil thing. If I really want to see a movie, I will see it in the theaters and won't succumb to piracy. And moreover If you want to have the feel of the movie you should watch it in the theaters. But pirates releasing prints of the movie before the movie has even released is one of then despicable acts-an act devoid of ethics.

This has gone to a new level with Wolverine releasing 2 months before its actual release. Even though all pirates doesn't deserve to be punished, the ones who released(and re-released) are very much deserving of the axe of the law. They should be punished rather hardly for committing such an act of "media terrorism".

And according to sources there was over 100,000 downloads for the movie baffled me. Who would want to see an incomplete version of the movie with strings and green screens and destroy the feel of the movie. And before posting something like this one should think about the amount of work put in to the movie by the actors, director and the whole crew, and how they are destroying it single handedly. You should at least give the movie a couple of weeks in the theater before you do something like this.

You can get the work print of the movie even now on p2p networks, but I strongly recommend against it. Not because of the legal implications but because of our moral obligations. The FBI is on the case and 20th Century Fox looks pretty confident that they will find and prosecute the person/persons behind the leak(and I hope so too). Apparently there is some kind of advanced watermarking employed by Fox(USVO watermarking) which will lead to the culprit.
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3 comments so far.

  1. jay adams April 17, 2009 at 10:10 AM
    no... of course not... :)
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  3. vinguisher October 22, 2010 at 8:29 AM
    One thing missing in-part from the leaked workprint, sadly many of the special effects in X-Men Origins: Wolverine are somewhat sub-standard.

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