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Rock and Hip Hop Collaborations - Part 4 - Rock Remixes of Hip Hop Songs and Lil Wayne's brand of Rock

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For the final part of the series I decided to club two categories together and finished off the series.

Rock Remixes of Hip Hop songs are not uncommon, but good ones are rare. But there is a band called Purple Popcorn who specialize in this particular genre. I have to say they have a talent for it.I have featured one of their collaboration with Mims earlier in this series. Here is a few of their remixes( just search "purple popcorn" in YouTube for all of their remixes, or just got their MySpace page)

1. Purple Popcorn ft Chris Brown - Kiss Kiss remix

This catchy single from Chris Brown was prime material for a Rock Remix and the Purple Popcorn did a great job with this adding catchy Guitar riffs and drums to the track at all the right places.

2. Purple Popcorn ft Lil Wayne - Lollipop remix
I think this is one of their best remixes. The enormously catchy Lil Wayne song Lollipop just got that extra "Oomph" and it just works.

3. Purple Popcorn - Swagger like us remix
Purple Popcorn has remixed the Grammy award winning track featuring a stellar list of artists. This is an OK remix because the success of the track is predominantly based upon the success of the original song. But it picks up the heat towards the middle and you will love the underlying guitar work by the time you finish the song.

I can't find this track anywhere, but their MySpace page. Head over there and show them some love. T.I's Live You Life, Rihanna's Disturbia and Usher's Love in this Club are their other remixes all of which can be listened to at their MySpace page.

Now moving on to the next category, we have the, for lack of a better word, Lil Wayne's Brand of Rock. Talk has been ripe about a rock album from Lil Wayne and it just got a 100% confirmed by the release of the music video for Prom queen the last day. This particular brand of rock has enough element of Hip Hop that it can be considered as a merger of the two genres.

1. Lil Wayne - Prom Queen
Undoubtedly, the one that started it all. Lil Wayne's Prom Queen leaked on to the internet long before and been doing rounds collecting all kinds of opinions from "absolute crap" to "awesomeness". I for one is a guy who supports artists trying out something new. The first time I heard Prom Queen I was not a fan of it, but the track grew on me and now I love that track.

Music Video on YouTube


2. Kevin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne - Let it Rock
This track released way back in July 2008 when Lil Wayne's talk of the Rock album was minimal. This is a great track, and for that matter the whole album from Kevin Rudolf is great and it features artists like Rick Ross and Nas in his Rock/Pop/Hip Hop album-a must have album.


3. Lil Wayne - Hot Revolver
This is most probably another track off Rebirth- the rock album from Lil Wayne. This one features Kevin Rudolf again and in this one its Lil Wayne in the lead. This is not as catchy as Prom Queen but still it comes very close. Just got a bit too far with autotune that some parts are annoying. But on the whole very tasteful track.


4. Kat Deluna ft Lil Wayne- Unstoppable
I heard the other day on Letterman that Lil Wayne apparently been learning guitar for the last two years or so he says. I checked out some of his live performances with the guitar and man he sucks. I can't understand how he claims he is playing the guitar on his songs. Anyways this song has the guitar pretty predominantly and has a very catchy rhythm. Lil Wayne or no Lil Wayne this has some pretty good guitar work.


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P.S - This post got deleted and I have no idea how. Just recovered it from my feed and reposting.:). Made a little change too about Lil Wayne's guitar skills. I checked out some of his live performances with the guitar which totally changed my view. :D
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